Simple Tips You Can Implement Today to Look Stylish

February 6, 2018

Being in style and staying in style do not have to be difficult for men. It is quite simple if you know what you are doing. To look stylish as a man in today’s world, you must pay attention to time-tested principles. Look at your wardrobe and think of ways to revamp it. If you need a place to start, follow the simple tips below.

How can the Modern Man Look Stylish?
Clothes must fit – Make sure that your clothes fit you well. They should not be too loose or excessively tight. Finding the right balance between comfort and fitting is integral. For instance, some clothes that look sleek on you may not let your body breathe. However, you will look odd with clothes that are looser than what is ideal. Getting your shirts and trousers tailored is a good idea.

Go bold with prints – Printed top wear for men is in style and will be for the future. It can be simple or diagonal check patterns, or geometric shapes, interesting graphics, florals, and carbon prints, etc. Adding a dash of uniqueness is now easier, with the easy availability of various printed formal and semi-formal options.

Get a quality blazer – A stylish blazer is one of the quintessential requirements for a stylish wardrobe. Invest in not one, but several blazers for different occasions. It is a clothing item that can make any dull outfit fashionable. What is interesting is that the same blazer can work great with a pair of jeans or formals too.

Experiment with color combinations – You probably know that light top wear works well with dark bottom wear and vice versa. But, being more experimental with combinations of colors will help you stand out from the crowd. You can blur the line between formal and informal, with the utilization of interesting color contrasts.

Shoes for occasions – Ditch your running shoes unless you are going for a run. Invest in fresh footwear options for formal, casual and outdoors settings. Some of the most popular options today include Oxfords, Derby’s, loafers, Chelsea boots, Moccasins, Chukka boots and monk straps. Find out information about each type and know what occasions they are ideal for, before making your purchase.

Skip hoodies – They are not stylish, or elegant and do very less in highlighting your features. So, unless you are headed for a workout or to fetch some groceries, avoid hoodies. Go for jackets or sweaters instead.

These are some of the key pointers to help men build a better wardrobe. As always, self-confidence goes a long way in helping you look stylish. While newer styles are coming up almost every day, sticking to the basics can also be a good strategy.

February 6, 2018