Fashion Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid This Summer

March 20, 2018

Summer is just around the corner and so is the need for looking your stylish best. Whether you are looking for new wardrobe additions or working with what you have, there are many great summer styles for men. However, many men tend to go overboard or create combinations that simply look out of place. In the quest for looking stylish, many make dreadful fashion mistakes. Let us look at five fashion mistakes that men should avoid making during the upcoming summer. You will get an idea of exactly what to avoid doing.
5 Horrific Fashion Mistakes for Men During the Summer
1. Improper usage of accessories – Accessories are meant to help add a little bit of glitz to your outfits. Too many of them might turn your entire look into clumsy. Also, purchasing any and every trending accessory item is a big mistake. Make sure that the ones you choose suit your personality and dressing style. Keeping it simple is a great idea.
2. Short sleeved shirts – With the mercury rising, you might be thinking about investing in short-sleeves. Stop yourself right there. Short sleeved shirts look clumsy and are one of the biggest mistakes from the viewpoint of fashion. Especially for work, men should completely avoid these. A baggy short sleeve with a tie simply looks horrendous, regardless of your build.
3. Loud fragrances – Smelling fresh during the summer is a common goal for most men. But the entire dynamic changes with the season. In the more humid summer months, you are going to sweat. As a result, a heavy cologne combined with your sweat will create a deadly concoction (and not in a good way). Try to go for fragrances with light and breezy citrus notes, to ‘really’ smell good.
4. Going crazy with colors – Matching colors during the summer can be a tricky task for men. It is true that the season allows you to experiment with bright and sunny color shades. But getting the right combination of top-wear and bottom-wear is vital. Try to be elegant in your choice of colors and avoid awkward color choices that will make people spot you from a mile away.
5. Not choosing right sunglasses – Sunglasses are a quintessential utility and a key fashion item for summer outdoor usage. But wearing the wrong ones will rob you of all style. Try to choose the right color and sizes of aviators, wayfarers, mirrored, club-master and circular ones.
Staying fashionable during the summer is not that hard for men. Try to avoid the fashion mistakes mentioned above and you’ll be fine. Look around for information regarding latest summer trends for customizing your look.

March 20, 2018