Designing a Panel Print Shirt Needs Expertise in Art

September 19, 2017

Customers have been clamouring for something unique and exclusive for sometime now. In this blog, we are about to deliberate on panel print shirt, the style taking the crowds by a sweep. One can say that the latest concepts are those that have an impact on the minds of the customers. Panel print shirts make use of sublimation printing method to ensure the perfect presence of colors. If you are a designer and wish to make it big, here is what you need to check out.

Ink and color

Colors define an apparel. Hence, your first objective is to make sure that the color on the design is exactly matching the finished print. Choose a color system after the monitor is calibrated. If you are using screen printers, PMS can be your preferred system. This is because this system ups the compatibility of the finished print to what you had imagined. Also, certain printers are equipped with the ability to cap the number of hues used in a particular design. As far as colors are concerned, the type of ink you are using for the printer is responsible. Glitter ink, metallic ink and glow in the dark ink are the different types of ink you can opt for.

Graphics in a panel print shirt

Most designers have a common doubt, whether they should choose vector or raster graphics. While vector graphics are easy to use for the scalability they bring, some people raster to be simpler. If you have a vector design, confirm that the layer where the components are grouped is locked. This will help in checking the mistakes like, the printer moving one of the objects by accident while checking on the computer.

DPI and Detail

An image with a 300 DPI resolution is perfect for an apparel and only a good printer can make that possible. While BMP file printing may seek minimum 150 DPI, some printers may work with 200 DPI images. The detailing and the intricacy of a design will depend on the budget and the expertise of the printer. You may wish to have complicated designs for a shirt, but that may not be printer-friendly. The level of elaboration and number of color gradients on a shirt’s design may be high. Accordingly, the charge you have to dole out will also be pretty much proportional.

Do you wish to stick to the minute illustration on the shirt? If your answer is yes, you may ask for the samples of the most detailed work they have delivered till date. That way, you will not be disappointed once you receive the final product. Or else, you can stick to bold lines and solid colors to be on the safe side.

Be a pro and adhere to the right steps while creating a panel print shirt. These types of shirts are in vogue and can make the person wearing them stand out. What are you waiting for? Try designing one and see how it comes out.

September 19, 2017